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Twin City Denture Lab in Bangor, Maine

Savings Direct to You from Twin City Denture Lab

 Twin City Denture Lab in Bangor, Maine, at Twin City Dental is an important part of our dental services. Our convenient on-site denture lab provides quite a savings in both time and money for you! –Why choose Twin City Denture Lab to get your dentures? Take a look at the many reasons below and call us today at (207) 947-1122 if you have any questions.

Why Choose Twin City Denture Lab to Get Your Dentures?

Affordable Prices
We offer two different types of complete full dentures:

$799 Per Arch
Permanent Classic Denture

This is not a low quality economical denture. The Classic Denture is a good quality denture that at lab-direct prices cost less than most economical dentures.

$1299 Per Arch
Permanent Portrait Denture

The acrylic is shaped to look natural and it is made with high quality durable teeth that absorb light to imitate natural teeth.

Dependable Quality
Twin City Denture Lab has been fabricating and selling dentures at discounted prices direct to the public in Maine since 1997.

Dentist Treatment
You receive treatment by a dentist, not a denturist. This is important because only a dentist can extract teeth and modify teeth to properly secure a partial denture. Only dentists treat soft gum tissue, which is sometimes needed to get a good denture fit and insert denture implants. And only a dentist can properly diagnose cavities, soft tissue inflammation, and other oral conditions.

Free Denture Consult
Denture consults are always free. If you still have teeth, we may have to take an X-ray. Our dentist will do an exam to verify the condition of your teeth. This helps us provide you with a price estimate to extract or repair your teeth, if applicable.

Dental Insurance
Dental insurance usually pays 50 percent of denture prices. We accept all dental insurances and our dentist is enrolled with Delta Dental, Met Life and others. Prices can vary depending on the specific insurance fee schedule. For example, Maine Care covers IV sedation and extraction only.

Advantages of Twin City Denture Lab All Add Up

Let’s add up all the advantages to using Twin City Denture Lab. Our on-site denture lab saves you time and brings you the best prices. Our patients receive good quality, permanent Classic Dentures from just $799 per arch complete, with no hidden fees or added charges. Since there is no middle man, we provide quality dentures direct to you. Our dentist provides single, multiple, and full-mouth extractions. IV sedation is available for your physical comfort and with dental insurance we can provide dentures at affordable prices. The advantages all add up to savings for you.

To reach our denture lab, call Twin City Denture Lab directly at (207) 945-6036. For more information about dentures or our other dental care services, contact Twin City Dental online or call our office at (207) 947-1122.

Twin City Denture Lab in Bangor, Maine, at Twin City Dental