Insurance and Payments – Twin City Dental in Bangor, ME

Affordable and Convenient Ways to Pay for Dental Procedures

Twin City Dental utilizes a variety of ways for patients to afford our quality dental services. We accept all dental insurances and our dentists are enrolled with several prominent insurance companies. See our full enrollment list below:

Delta Dental
Maine Care

Insurance Accepted Beyond Standard Enrollment

To make it convenient for our patients, we also accept insurance from other insurance companies, such as MetLife and Anthem. Although Twin City Dental does not have direct enrollment with these insurers, we do accept insurance payments from them. Speak with us about your dental insurance coverage today by calling (207) 947-1122.

More on Insurance and Payments for Twin City Dental and Denture Lab

For patients seeking dentures from Twin City Denture Lab, know that dental insurance pays about 50 percent of the denture price. Specific procedures for each patient’s dental work can vary in price depending on different insurance fee schedules. A friendly reminder that we do offer two different types of complete, full dentures for purchase:

This is not a low quality economical denture. The Classic Denture is a good quality denture that at lab-direct prices cost less than most economical dentures.

The acrylic is shaped to look natural and it is made with high quality durable teeth that absorb light to imitate natural teeth.

We are here to meet your dental needs in the most comfortable way possible. Contact us today if you have any questions about insurance or payments for services at Twin City Dental in Bangor, ME.