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IV Sedation Dentistry at Twin City Dental in Bangor, Maine

Twin City Dental Serves Bangor-Area Patients Comfortably

We provide IV sedation dentistry at Twin City Dental in Bangor, Maine. Adult patients are always looking for the most comfortable dental procedures. Twin City Dental offers the advantage of IV sedation dentistry. It provides many benefits for patients and staff alike. Read more about our IV sedation mission below. Contact us at (207) 947-1122 if you have questions.

Our Mission is to Provide the Most Comfortable Dental Treatments

It is Twin City Dental’s mission to provide you and your family with the most comfortable dental treatments. We accomplish a big part of our mission with the use of lasers to remove tooth decay instead of high speed dental drills. Our dental lasers are very noninvasive and most of Dr. King’s fillings are done without numbing!

There are procedures, such as root canals and dental extractions, that we cannot do with our lasers. How could we make those procedures comfortable and anxiety free? The answer is IV sedation. IV, or “intravenous,” sedation acts quickly to relax you and make you completely comfortable.

Relaxing IV Sedation Dental Services – What You Need to Know

You will be so relaxed that you may be unaware of the sights, sounds and smells around you, but you will still be able to respond or talk. The huge advantage of IV sedation over oral sedation is that it gives Dr. King precise control of the amount of medication she administers. Unlike the lack of control associated with oral pill sedation IV sedation allows us to deliver the sedative amount quickly and comfortably.

Afterwards, patients usually have no memory of their appointment. It can feel very relaxing for a few hours. Therefore, you will need someone to come with you to your appointment to drive you back home.

Yes, now you can have root canal, dental extractions or other dental procedures done with IV sedation. Combining laser dentistry with IV sedation is as comfortable as dentistry can get!

IV sedation dentistry at Twin City Dental in Bangor, Maine.