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Laser Dentistry at Twin City Dental in Bangor, Maine

Laser Dentistry Can Solve Dental Problems More Comfortably

Laser dentistry at Twin City Dental in Bangor, Maine, offers patients greater comfort at the dentist. Lasers are extremely precise and effective. This is why lasers are now an essential part of many medical procedures such as, angioplasty, lithotripsy, ophthalmology, dermatology, and so many other hospital surgery procedures.

Dr. Louise King recognized years ago the benefits of bringing lasers to dental care. She received her laser certification from Loma Linda University in 2002 and has since then performed over ten thousand dental laser procedures. Contact Twin City Dental today to find out more about laser dentistry or call us at (207) 947-1122.

Why Twin City Dental Uses I-Plus Waterlase Lasers

The I-Plus Waterlase helps us to deliver the highest quality patient care possible. It improves the patient experience in many ways. The Waterlase shoots laser energized water droplets at a tooth to gently remove cavity, calculus, bone, or soft tissue. It is so comfortable that we can do most laser dental fillings without any anesthesia.

This means no needles and no lingering numbness after your treatment. A laser is better than a high speed dental drill that generates heat and cuts by friction. Drills run at speeds of up to 700,000 rpms, creating that distinctive, high-pitched sound.

Laser Dentistry for a Variety of Dental Procedures

We use our I-Plus Waterlase lasers mostly to do common filling restorations. However, there are numerous other dental procedures that are much less invasive when performed with a laser:

Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing: This procedure involves instrumentation of the crown and root surface of the teeth to remove plaque and calculus from these surfaces. With a laser there is no need to cut or flap the gums to have access to the root surface. The thin laser fiber can easily be pushed between the teeth and gum.

Cold Sores: We can stop “mouth herpes” early with a quick laser zapping. This kills the virus and prevents it from growing or spreading. This treatment only takes but a few minutes.

Gingivoplasty: Gingivoplasty is a procedure to surgically reshape the gingival. Using her laser, Dr. King does most of her gingivoplasties with topical anesthetics (numbing cream).

Frenectomy: The dentist may remove a frenulum (tissue under the tongue) when the tongue has limited mobility. The conventional way of doing this was with a scalpel, leaving our patients with blood, sutures, weeks of recovering sensitivity, and a limited diet.

The dentist at Twin City Dental can do ulcer treatments, reduction of denture hyperplasia, lesion removal, crown lengthening, and more comfortably with a Waterlase laser.

Waterlase Dentistry

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It doesn’t cost more, it’s just a lot more comfortable!
Laser dentistry at Twin City Dental in Bangor, Maine